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All aspects of efficient and accurate professional business bookkeeping services available tailored to suit your requirements, i.e. New business set-up, Bookkeeping tidy up/catch up, Data entry, Invoicing, Accounts rendered/payable, Debtor/creditor control, Payroll, Reconciliations, FREE BAS/IAS/GST preparation and lodgement. Training provided for MYOB and Quickbooks. Liaising with your Accountant and the ATO. Do you just need some advice and reassurance? Skilled in all versions of MYOB for both PC and MAC, QuickBooks and Reckon products. 'One of', weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly. On site or off site. Free telephone support for all clientelle. Reasonable professional hourly rates. *****FREE 1Hr consultation for all new and prospective clients*****
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