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accountants | Hyde Park QLD 4812

07 4725 0191
Cnr. Kings Road & Woolcock Street, Hyde Park QLD 4812

Our mission at ITP is to provide the best tax return service to any individual or business that wants our help. We will not let any tax return leave us defeated; we will always get you the best tax benefits we can. We guarantee that every aspect of a client’s tax return will be held in strict confidence.

Every return will be prepared by an ITP specialist tax accountant and double checked, prior to lodgement so you never need to worry if we crossed the t’s or dotted the i’s - cos we double check.. Every legitimate deduction or rebate we can humanly find will be claimed. If we make a mistake that results in additional tax or penalties imposed by the ATO over and above your correct position, we will pay that penalty or interest. Throughout the year, clients can come in and chat about their taxes or income situation absolutely free of charge.

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